Ep. 44 Reboot Queen

Screams and Moans is back and here’s to hoping the third time’s a charm. Melissa Maples is back to help with the reboot and this time we decided John Carpenter’s Vampires would be a good one to watch.

In the second half, we venture through kinkTok and sexy Tiktok.

Megan’s picks:

Melissa’s picks:

Thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions, sorry we didn’t have time to get to them! From Davian: @iamcharliecooper is my fave TT person. Let’s watch a video.

It’s worth noting, we don’t hold rights to any of the music or content from the Tiktok videos. Any use was purely for discussion.

Thanks to shortsigh for creating the intermission sounds.

Thanks to Davian Dent for the Screams and Moans Theme Tune.

Episode 21: Roleplaying Thing

What’s that? You really want to get into some roleplaying scenarios and you love a good horror movie? Well, I think I’ve got just The Thing! It’s the latest episode with Belasco from the SweetFeatheryJesus podcast.

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