Episode 24: Halloween Stories

Well you’ll find the show format a bit different on this one but with the help of many talented individuals, here is the latest Screams and Moans podcast chock full of Halloween stories and it needs to be listened to in stereo. Some of the talented individuals who helped with this episode include:

Fenton O800 (Writing)

Dave L (Writing)

Davian Dent (Writing and Vocals)

Matt Bubbles (Vocals)

Devon H. Guido (Vocals and Improv)

Wayne Crunchie Baglin (Vocals and Improv)

Nigel Boydell (Vocals)

Dr. Norman Trouser (Vocals)

Bonn (Vocals)

My mom (Vocals)

Still a few more flashback episodes to go, but hope you’re enjoying the memories and the podcast! Don’t forget to subscribe so you’ll know when the new episodes are released and connect with us on social media:

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