Ep. 40 Don’t Forget the Soundtrack

Now we’re moving into when I originally thought of returning to podcasting, for that reason the title and episode numbers may not match up, but when Screams and Moans is back in 2020, operations will be back to normal.

This episode I’m joined by the lovely Melissa Maples. We discuss Halloween III: Season of the Witch and I have more than a few questions for Melissa during the second half. It’s still the podcast about movies and sex but not together because that would be porn. The plan is to release one episode a month.

Intermission skit, “The Nutritionist,” is written by me and performed by a number of talented individuals credited below. The mix was assisted by @shortsigh.

Voice talent in order of appearance:

Marc Hershon @hershco
Lisa Taylor
Davian Dent from @thebittersound
Short Sigh
River Zambezi and Norman Trousers from Casa Mirth Podcast