Ep. 42 Please Export All Complaints

Now we’re moving into when I originally thought of returning to podcasting, for that reason the title and episode numbers may not match up, but when Screams and Moans is back in 2020, operations will be back to normal.

Welcome to the Christmas episode of Screams and Moans Returns. I’m joined by Renfield Rasputin, horror writer and artist, as we talk about Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale.

In the second half, the usual madness ensues and Renfield lets you know where any complaints can be sent.

I know there were a few audio challenges in this episode so please be kind and enjoy with your usual Christmas cheer, or at least your love of Christmas horror films.

Have a happy Christmas and don’t forget to leave out the gingerbread, from Screams and Moans Returns! (Originally posted on Soundcloud before Christmas, so apologies on getting it linked here!)